The World’s First Ultrasound Kiosk Breakthrough: Extreme definition imaging XDI
Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI™)

XDI patent-pending imaging technology drives X-Porte’s image clarity and resolution by significantly reducing visual clutter.

SCAN Using default transducer and exam type.
Breakthrough XDI Imaging.
X-Porte’s XDI beam-forming technology was created
to meet the challenge of side-lobe atifacts, so now
you can scan with image clarity, resolution and
color sensitivity never before seen in point-of-care
ultrasound systems.

LEARN How to perform an exam, improve a procedure, or perfect your technique.
Real-Time Scan Along Learning.
For instant reference, scan along with
an onboard library of visual Guides featuring
step-by-step learning tutorials.
Use X-Porte’s Visual Guides for comparing
3D beam-direction animations to corresponding
2D ultra sound images.

ENTER Patient information.
Gesture-Driven Interface.
Optimized workflow is always at your
fingertips. Easily customize the interface
to suit your needs. Don’t like the order
of menu items? Change them. Too many
controls? Minimize them.