CO2 Insufflation

CO2 Insufflation

CO2 insufflation in flexible endoscopy offers a wide range of clinical advantages, both for users in private practice as well as for full-service hospitals.

For patient-friendly and effective endoscopy, Our latest generation of CO2 insufflation offers clinicians an optimized and easy to handle procedure as well as a maximum of comfort for patients. Using CO2 insufflation in flexible endoscopy enables a 150time faster resorption of CO2 in human bodies compared to endoscopic procedures, where environmental air is used for insufflation. The feeling of bloating during and after colonoscopic procedures is distinctly reduced thanks to the fast resorption time of CO2 in the intestinal lumen. Patient´s discomfort is significantly reduced and the examination is more pleasant and better tolerated.

Features & Benefits:

  • 150 times faster resorption time compared to environmental air
  • Direct connection to any CO2 tank or hospital´s CO2 pipeline (wall installation)
  • Easy to use operation mode & compact design to store on a standard endoscopic tower
  • Clinicians can choose in between 2 controlled flow rate settings by using only 1 tube set for all flow rates

Compatible with Other Endoscopes Brands 

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