Insight, Intelligence and more


The best patient care is your ultimate goal. Achieving this requires confident diagnosis even with the daily increase of patients throughput. Built on the foundation of Mindray’s continuous customer insights into clinical needs and the inheritance from premium technology, the DC-80 with X-Insight is designed to help you manage your daily output at high efficiency, no matter what type of patients and clinical challenges you will face.

eXpress Clarity

Through Premier Transducers

• Single crystal transducers with 3T technology
• ComboWave transducers
• Ultra-light volume transducer with superior performance
• Dedicated interventional transducer

For Addressing Diagnostic Requirements

• Complete Elastography Solution
• 3D with Depth VR

eXceptional Intelligence

leading the clinical trend

• Smart Planes CNS
• Smart FLC
• Smart Track

eXceeding  Experience

Beyond Your User Expectation

• Unique dual-wing floating arm with 21.5” monitor
• 12.1” Tilting multi-gesture touch screen
• Interactive ultrasound APP— MedTouch



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