DC-70 Pro

DC-70 Pro

Quality Exams at Your Fingertips


An insightful solution to envision more
Mindray’s brand-new solution is an excellent transforming of continuous customer insights into clinical needs, combined with evolving cutting-edge ultrasound technologies.
Full of vitality, with the goal of insight into the future and pursuit of the unlimitedness, it is constantly improving with increased scalability.
High efficiency with precision imaging
As an intimate partner, DC-70 Exp with X-Insight focuses on what matters to you, helping you manage your daily clinical practice with ease and certainty.
Based on deep insights into customer needs, the DC-70 Exp with X-Insight is designed to deliver high efficiency with precision imaging, which is empowered by eXpress clarity and exceptional intelligence, and benefits from an eXceeding experience.

eXpress Clarity

More clarity at hand

• Thunder-speed imaging powered by X-Engine
The new X-Engine integrated with both GPU and CPU enables multi-core parallel processing for fast imaging and superb clarity.
• Superb visualization with Hyaline
Rendering method that dynamically applies transparency to rendered structures for a more comprehensive view of anatomy.

“Touch and Bingo” with premier transducers

• Single crystal transducers with 3T technology
• ComboWave transducers


eXceptional Intelligence

Intelligence through whole exams

• Simplicity with auto image optimization — Smart Face
Smart Face provides a fast and intelligent optimization for fetal face with simply one-touch operation. It immediately removes occlusions, such as
cord, placenta, uterus and extremities, in the volume data and eliminates unwanted noise information.
• Accuracy with smart acquisition— Smart Planes CNS 
With a simple button-click on a 3D fetal brain volume
image, the standard CNS scanning planes (MSP, TCP, TTP and TVP) and a range of related anatomical measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, TCD, CM and LVW) are obtained immediately with high accuracy.
• Productivity with auto calculation— Auto EF
Auto EF is an intelligent way to analyze 2D echo clips to automatically recognize diastolic & systolic frames and output a series of measurements to evaluate left ventricle function for more productivity, such as EDV/ESV/EF.
• Consistency with exam protocol— iWorks

eXceeding Experience

 Experience with high productivity

• Unique dual-wing oating arm with 21.5”/23.8” monitor
• 13.3” ultra-slim multi-gesture touch screen with angle adjustment
• Interactive ultrasound APP —MedTouch



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