All in One

All in One

Unique streamlined automation solution

Broad molecular diagnostic assay menu
Various multiplex MDx assay menus covering all MDx
– Syndromic testing panel to provide comprehensive information
– Better patient care with excellent clinical performance
Universal Cartridge
– One type of extraction reagent for both DNA and RNA from a wide range of specimens

All-in-One platform
Unique streamlined automation solution
– Nucleic acid extraction from primary specimens, PCR setup, real-time PCR and result analysis
– Simplified workflow of quick and easy-to-use process

Seegene’s proprietary software for multiplex MDx assays
Seegene Launcher
– Operation program for automated extraction and PCR setup that provides selective protocol for Seegeneā€™s various MDx assays
Seegene Viewer
– Automated and efficient data analysis software for Seegene multiplex MDx assays

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