uMI 550

uMI 550

Digital. Attainable.

uMI 550 makes the state-of-art digital PET technology attainable to more customers.

24cm Axial FOV PET with ILG Digital Detector
The integrated light guide digital detector delivers a new level of sensitivity and resolution compared to conventional analog technology.

SiPM (Silicon Photomultiplier)
Increases quantum efficiency to reduce signal loss and improve image quality
ILG (Integrated Light Guide)
Improves light collection efficiency and time resolution to achieve exceptional image quality
80-slice CT with Z-Detector
The ultra-low noise detector fundamentally improves the image quality.

0.55mm Pixel Size
0.55mm high resolution acquisition in all FOVs and collimations
Intuitive Workflow for Efficiency
The intuitive workflow facilitates seamless operations to achieve high efficiency in routine work.

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