Resona 7

Resona 7

It rises.
With core platform advantages of ZST+
The channel data based ZST+ is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beamforming to channel data based processing, ZST+ is able to deliver multiple imaging advances: Advanced Acoustic Acquisition, Dynamic Pixel Focusing, Sound Speed Compensation, Enhanced Channel Data Processing and Total
Recall Imaging.

  • Advanced Acoustic Acquisition
    By transmitting and receiving a relatively smaller number of large zones, Advanced Acoustic Acquisition extracts more information from each acquisition, 10 times faster than a conventional line-by-line beamforming method.
  • Dynamic Pixel Focusing
    Dynamic Pixel Focusing technology allows the Resona 7S to achieve extreme uniformity in pixel level throughout the whole field of view. Now there’s no need to adjust the focal positions to achieve uniformity across patient exams.
  • Sound Speed Compensation
    By retrospectively analyzing complete channel data stored in channel data memory, the Resona 7S is able to intelligently choose the optimal sound speed to improve image accuracy even with tissue variation, allowing for adaptive tissue-spe-cific optimization.
  • Enhanced Channel Data Processing
    Channel data based ZST+ provides Enhanced Channel Data Processing for greatly improved imaging clarity. By multiple and retrospective channel data processing, it makes the best use of acoustic information for image improvement.
    HD Scope: higher definition image within ROI.
    Coherent Spatial Synthesis: further improved image quality of spatial compound.
  • Total Recall Imaging
    As ZST+ captures and stores the complete acoustic raw data set, Total Recall Imaging allows system to do retrospective processing on channel data and also permits users to modify numerous imaging parameters on stored images to maximize clinical output.
  • V Flow:
  • Vivid Vector Flow for visualization of complex micro-hemodynamics
  • iFusion
  • Fusion Imaging with respiration compensation
  • STE
  • Shear wave elastography for more precise quantification of tissue stiffness
  • UWN+ Contrast
  • Mindray’s 2nd generation UWN CEUS


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