Global Technology has introduced FujiFilm NX700 Dry chemistry in Egypt. improving test accuracy taking up to 5 specimens per run. The “NEXT” technology supports on-site the “Now”. 

FujiFilm Dri- Chem is best used for Mega labs, POC & ICU, clinics, & emergency labs. 

FUJI DRI-CHEM continues to pursue immediacy of examinations and has earned a good reputation. So far we have improved the test accuracy, operability as well as network capabilities.

While inheriting the characteristics of its predecessors the new “NX700” does not burden the user. ” No Calibration needed”, Anybody can use it, since the machine can be operated intuitively. Also, by maximally reducing the labor required for clinical chemical testing, it greatly improved operation efficiency. The compact design allows unrestricted choice of installation of the “NX700”.Comfortable and e­fficient “full-time, real-time” testing anywhere by anybody .  

  • Supports the “NEXT” technology
  • High processing speed of 190 tests/hour
  • 28 colorimetric items
  • 3 electrolyte items
  • It is possible to set 5 specimens at the same time
  • Large touch panel and new interface
  • Simple lot compensation by QC card

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