ELUXEO Lite 6000 System

ELUXEO Lite 6000 System

ELUXEO meets Artificial Intelligence – CAD EYE CAD EYE is a function developed to support physicians during colonoscopy utilising AI technology.
Learn more at www.cadeye.eu .

The ELUXEO™ Lite 6000 combines a reliable 3-LED light source with a processor that enables you to make use of the many features provided by Fujifilm’s wide range of scopes.

Video processor with built-in LED light source 6000

Combined with the 700 series the innovative visualisation modes LCI (Linked Colour Imaging) and BLI (Blue Light Imaging) are available.

Due to the use of economical LED lamps with a long durability this system is very eco-friendly. It is also compatible with the 600 and 500 series of scopes. The ELUXEO™ Lite 6000 creates quality images and videos displayed in full HD on the monitor. Automatic back-up mode for data storage is integrated and the processor is also DICOM compatible.

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