Amulet Innovality

Amulet Innovality

Global Technology has always been eager to provide high tech medical solutions in Egypt.

Selling FujiFilm digital mammogram since 2013 in Egypt & providing high standards of after sales services.
The result of Fujifilm’s ongoing “innovation” and commitment to providing top “quality” mammography services.

FujiFilm digital mammogram uses Tomosynthesis in two modes which are: standard mode ( ST) & high resolution mode (HR). Also; using ISC adjusted contrast & low X ray dose using a Tungsten Target.

DYN II provides high contrast image without saturation in breast region. 

FujiFilm’s uses CEDM ( Contrast enhanced digital mammography).
Fujifilm’s unique a-Se direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) to produce clear top quality images of 50μm resolution with a low X-ray dose. 

• Uses intelligent AEC (i-AEC) combined with a new image analysis technology to automatically optimize the X-ray dosage for each breast type.
AMULET Innovality is a highly advanced mammography system which offers an extremely fast image interval of just 15 seconds.

Unique 3D diagnostic workstation

• Fit Sweet Paddle:
Prioritizing patient comfort has resulted in a flexible compression paddle that gently fits to the breast

• Tomosynthesis: making it possible to observe the internal structure of the breast
The X-ray tube moves through an arc while acquiring a series of low-dose X-ray images. The images taken from different angles are reconstructed into a range of Tomosynthesis slices where the structure of interest is always in focus.

The reconstructed tomographic images make it easier to identify lesions which might be difficult to visualize in routine mammography because of the presence of overlapping breast structures.

[Image] Tomosynthesis: making it possible to observe the internal structure of the breast

The Tomosynthesis function on AMULET Innovality is suitable for a wide range of uses, offering two modes to cater for various clinical scenarios. Standard (ST) mode combines rapid exposure timing and efficient workflow with a low X-ray dose while High Resolution (HR) mode makes it possible to produce images with an even higher level of detail, allowing the region of interest to be brought into clearer focus.



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