uMR 570

Uniform Magnetic Resonance
Based on the cutting-edge technology we use, we are able to create the industry-leading uniform magnet, set a new standard for 1.5T magnetic resonance and provide comfortable wide bore MR scans.

The most uniform magnet in the industry
70cm Wide Bore for Comfort and Flexibility

· 150 cm short magnet
The new 150 cm short magnet generates the most uniform magnetic field in superconducting MR, ensuring a strong foundation for high-quality imaging.

· comfortable wide bore MRI scans
Uniting a high-performance MR system design with an ultra-wide bore, uMR 570 makes it easy to perform fast imaging and fat suppression imaging.

We have entered the age of double-digit MRI RF channels
24 RF-channels
Zero loss in data transmission is achieved due to the optimal configuration of 24 independent RF-channels plus 24 perfectly matched RF coil channels, and the FAST Technology ensuring faster parallel acquisition.

Efficient Scanning Process
The uExceed software platform is integrated into all UIH products to provide more convenient and comprehensive scanning operations.

Image Reconstruction Results Displayed in Real-time
By viewing the real-time image generated by the present imaging sequence, the operator is able to adjust the scanning protocol and sequence parameter to better suit the operation.

Adjustable Scan Control
Imaging parameters can be easily adjusted through the monitoring window, avoiding unnecessary cycling among different windows.

“Patient-Centered” Workflow
Multiple patients can be managed simultaneously by using our Patient-Centered Workflow process. Current exam progress for each patient can be readily identified and accessed from the patient identification card.