uMR 588

Empowered. Masterful.
Equipped with uCS (united Compressed Sensing) imaging technology and intelligent workflow, uMR 588 provides better imaging quality and excellent customer experience.
1.5T MR

uCS Technology
uCS Imaging
Combing the strengths of PF, PI and CS, uCS (united Compressed Sensing) imaging technology has achieved optimized data acquisition and image reconstruction, significantly improving the scanning speed and image quality.
uCS Application
Achieving maximum acceleration factor of 16 for dynamic abdomen imaging with uCS, uMR 588 enables a clear visualization of every subtle and dynamic variations, and real-time lesion pinpointing in all orientations within the whole abdomen.

“Patient-oriented” Design
uExceed software system enables parallel workflow patterns of multi-patient and multi-task, providing convenience for users and accelerating work efficiency.

Driven by EasyScan and whole body imaging, uMR 588 enables smart examination without moving patient table and changing coils manually, significantly simplifying the workflow and improving the throughout.

Intelligent System Management
Monitor status of components in real-time;Intelligent analysis and forecast system trends;Timely service reminders.

Reduce Your TCO
Zero helium boil-off;10% energy saving;About 50% of liquid helium.