uMI 550

84 Rings PET & 80-slice CT

Clarity for Imaging
• 2.9mm industry highest NEMA resolution –entire FOV high-resolution reconstruction; improved quantitative accuracy and enhanced detectability of small lesions.
• 395 pstime resolution -the Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology accelerates the image convergence with better contrast and significantly reduced image noise.
• 0.55mm CT acquisition element and 1024 high definition reconstruction matrix –diagnostic CT images with fine details of small anatomic structures.

Intuitive Workflow for Efficiency and Personalized Care
• Easy-scan, uDoseand EasyLogic–the intuitive workflow not only significantly improves the efficiency of routine PET-CT scans but also provides individualized solutions for different body parts, body sizes and scan protocols.
• Digital Self-gating -detects and automatically compensate for respiratory motions without external gating device.
• Head Motion Compensation -detects motion from list-mode data during data acquisition and corrects motion blurring accordingly without external gating device.

Reducing TCO for Operation
• 240 Axial FOV and 11 cps/kBq–enables awhole-bodyscanin4beds within 8 minutes. High speed scan increases patient throughput and system utilization rate while high sensitivity boosts data acquisition and enables low dose PET scans.
• Automated quality control programs –automatic daily QC with no radioactive source required; convenient periodic full QC that supports both liquid and solid sources; fast NEMA tool that automatically scan and generate NEMA performance report.