Synapse 5

Proudly excited to announce the new solution Synapse 5

Synapse® 5, the fastest PACS in the medical industry
GT’s team supports full data migration from your old PACS which is made easier with Synapse 5 (data migration image)
100,240,475 exams migrated since 2004

Quickly Process exams even up to 22,000 images
More image transfer speed even with Less Bandwidth
Pure Web based (true zero footprint )
Tighter Security
Improved User Efficiency
One user interface – same access to data with customized users privileges
Unlimited user license
Compatible with all browsers ( Windows- MAC- Android)
Powerful GUI with unique patient power jacket

Workstation Rendering Versus Server Rendering
The main difference between workstation and server rendering is the way the images are delivered. In medical terms, workstation rendering requires image delivery from the server to the workstation in a large bolus, while server-rendered images are delivered in a steady drip.
Server rendering is faster and more efficient. It allows the rendering process to begin sooner using dedicated
server resources and delivers the fully rendered diagnostic-quality images to the workstation in small files as needed.

Image Quality
Clinicians often ask how it’s possible to deliver smaller datasets to the workstation and still maintain
diagnostic image quality. The answer is simple. Synapse 5 moves the rendering process from the workstation
to the server. The rendered images are derived from the same DICOM data, but the DICOM data remains on
the servers. The much-smaller rendered images are delivered to the workstations. Image quality is maintained,
regardless of where the rendering process takes place.