Resona 7

Premium Ultrasound System
New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation
Advanced Acoustic Acquisition
By transmitting and receiving a relatively smaller number of
large zones, Advanced Acoustic Acquisition extracts more
information from each acquisition, 10 times faster than a
conventional line-by-line beamforming method.
Dynamic Pixel Focusing
Dynamic Pixel Focusing technology allows Resona 7 to
achieve extreme uniformity in pixel level through the whole
field of view. Therefore, there is no longer the need to
frequently adjust the focal positions to achieve uniformity
across patient exams.
Sound Speed Compensation
By retrospectively analyzing complete channel data stored in
channel data memory, the Resona 7 is able to intelligently
choose the optimal sound speed to improve image accuracy
even with tissue variation, allowing for adaptive tissue-specific optimization.
Advanced Image Processing
HD Scope:higher de_nition image within ROI.
Coherent Spatial Synthesis: further improved image quality.
Total Recall Imaging
As ZST+ captures and stores the complete acoustic raw data set, Total Recall Imaging allows the user to retrospectively
modify numerous imaging parameters and optimize clinical information.
It progresses.
Innovative clinical tools for confident diagnosis
V Flow
V Flow (Vivid Vector Flow) is a novel approach for vascular hemodynamic analysis. V Flow uses
color coded vector arrows to follow up blood cell’s moving velocity magnitude and direction.
With up to 400fps, it can provide extremely vivid, accurate and angle-independent visualization
of complex vascular hemodynamics pro_le. With comprehensive data information, V Flow will be
the most valuable tool for vascular clinical research
UWN+ Contrast Imaging
iFusion with Respiration Compensation
Bringing the precision of fusion imaging to a new level,
Mindray’s pioneering, innovative and exclusive respiration
compensation technology - supported by a sensitive
magnetic motion sensor with millimeter accuracy - can
help eliminate distortion and fusion inaccuracy caused
by patient respiration.
It leads.
Forwarding smart to clinical intelligence
Smart Planes
Mindray’s exclusive pioneering technology positions the Resona 7 as the industry’s _rst ultrasound system
to allow fully automatic and accurate detection of the most signi_cant planes and frequently used
measurements of fetal CNS, leading to intelligent diagnosis, improved throughput, and reduced user
Smart FLC
Smart FLC automatically detects the number of follicles
and calculates each volume from a 3D ovarian volume
image, assuring accurate assessment of follicles,
especially with IVF exams.
Smart OB/NT
Automatic measurements of the most frequently
examined parameters, including BPD, HC, FL, AC, OFD
and even NT as early as 11 weeks, are available with a
single click for higher productivity and reproducibility.
It senses.
Ensuring a better user experience