Polymobil Plus

Simplicity and reliability in mobile X-ray imaging
POLYMOBIL Plus makes it easy to bring the X-ray system to the patient. Whether for patient wards, intensive care, operating room, sports medicine practice or for occupational medical facilities, POLYMOBIL Plus is designed to give you high value for the investment.

High image quality
High-quality images every day in mobile X-ray imaging.

• High power output of 16 kW/250 mA (optional: 20 kW/300 mA).
• Minimum exposure time ≤ 4 ms for reduced motion blurring.
• Consistent image quality.

Easy handling
Precise positioning at the patient’s bed

• Counter-balanced arm system allows for great freedom of movement.
• Self-explaining control panel.
• Touch-sensitive buttons for quick exposure parameter setting.
• Clearly visible, digital display for kV and mAs values.

Easy to move
Transporting POLYMOBIL Plus from department to department can include the necessity to move it in and out of elevators, over thresholds and around corners. The platform’s short wheelbase with large polyurethane tires helps to overcome rolling resistance, ensuring that the compact system glides easily.

Easy to use
POLYMOBIL Plus is as easy to use as it is to move. The tube support arm is counterbalanced, allowing great freedom of movement and precise positioning. The adjustable collimator and light marker ensure rapid and correct positioning in the desired projection. Because the tube head is rotatable in all planes, both horizontal and vertical exposures can be made – and the X-ray tube angulation is conveniently shown on the scales on both sides of the tube head.
The touch-sensitive buttons and digital display of kV and mAs values on the ergonomically designed operating console enable exposure parameters to be set easily and quickly.

Easy to see
The high-frequency, high-output X-ray generator with multipulse voltage provides efficient dose yield, keeping exposure times short and minimizing motion artifacts. This results in good reproducibility and consistent image quality. Just plug POLYMOBIL Plus into any standard wall socket and you have full power – always.

Easy to choose
When system reliability, simple features for streamlined operation, and value-for-money quality are your priorities for mobile X-ray, POLYMOBIL Plus from Siemens is your choice. The small but powerful system combines agility and effortless adjustment of the counterbalanced tube head with intuitive and straight-forward operation. As in all Siemens mobile X-ray systems, it is the deliberate combination of helpful details, that let you experience versatility and simplicity with POLYMOBIL Plus in your facility.