iViz provides access to online resources, applications, and patient vitals information, for all your mobile clinical needs

The future of Point Of Care ultrasound

• One-handed, thumb-operated user interface.
• Highly portable at 1.1 lbs/520 g.
• 64 GB of memory, storing over 1000 studies.
• Rechargeable swappable battery with one hour of continuous scanning.

7"/17.8 cm 1920 x 1200 pixels high-resolution display.
• Image optimization controls.
• Measurements and calculation packages for Cardiac and OB.
• 2D, M-Mode, Color Doppler and THI, with multiple optimization settings.

• Access patient information from EMR and send study to EMR via Synapse® EMR gateway.
• Perform and save 12-lead SHL (Smartheart™)* exam along with ultrasound study (not available in all countries).
• Email study images.
• Productivity applications such as internet browser, notes etc.
• Access online tutorials through SonoAccess app.