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A high performance yet flexible and compact digital portable, the FDR Go offers exactly what you need for your mobile exams.
The FDR Go brings with it mobile exams featuring Fujifilm's trademark image quality and dose performance.

・ A reliable, high performance 32kW mobile system
・ Speed and ease of use with the integrated Console Advance
・ A super-lightweight FPD that is clean, waterproof, and robust
・ New image processing technology “Virtual Grid”

At the bedside, in the OR, ED, ICU, NICU or
anywhere in between, FDR Go is sure to bring
smiles every step of the way.


• Lightweight and Compact
The lightweight, compact chassis ensures superb
maneuverability even in the tightest of spaces.

• Easy and Safe Travel
The system’s dual motor drive provides smooth, easy
steering and quiet travel. The travel speed can be adjusted
to match the preferred maneuverability, acceleration and
steering control. A fail safe drive handle automatically stops
system movement when the handle is released, while
the collision-sensing safety bumper stops movement
and signals user when contact is detected.

• “Inch-mover“
Controls on the collimator slowly move
the system forward or backward,
allowing precise bedside positioning
without having to return
to the drive handle.

• Comfortable Safe Storage
A custom designed storage area
holds detectors, grids and spare
batteries. The detector bin features
a clever shock absorbing holder.