Versatile functionality for a variety of clinical environments
packed into a lightweight body. Superior mobility allows use in
a variety of medical settings, including outdoors.

Combines high-level sanitation, waterproofing, and durability for
additional peace of mind even in the tough medical environments

•Designed to be lightweight; only 2.6 kg* with replaceable battery *14”✕ 17” model
• Loaded with internal memory that allows detector-only image storage
• Antibacterial, waterproof, and load resistant performance for peace of mind during use
• LED indicators on detector edge confirm center location and distinguish multiple detectors in department
• The rounded form of the detector edges makes handling and patient positioning easy

Virtual Grid
High resolution images with reduced radiation: The future of X-ray image processing

Virtual Grid is an image processing software
that corrects for the effects of scatter
radiation that otherwise reduce image
contrast and clarity. Without the need for
an anti-scatter grid, this software quickly
and precisely predicts and then corrects for
the effects of scattered radiation... creating
high quality images. Virtual Grid can not
only be used in situations where anti-scatter
grid use is inconvenient, but users can also
reduce the radiation dose to which patients
are exposed because of high image quality
at low dose conditions.