DC-8 Exp

An entirely new generation of Ultrasound architecture
mQuadro, Mindray’s high end ultrasound architecture, empowers DC-8 Exp to offer efficient and reliable diagnosis of, making it an optimum choice during diagnosis of difficult patients. The name mQuadro signifies the combination of four innovative technical aspects, including high speed hardware module, advanced frontal transmission/reception, powerful parallel processing, and patent intelligent algorithms, which together raise the diagnostic capability into a new level.

The most advanced transducer technology
New Single crystal technology combined with 3T technology:
Provides a wider bandwidth to offer better penetration and higher resolution simultaneously, resulting in an optimum scanning solution for difficult patients.
New matrix array transducer technology
Uses multiple rows of crystals to help achieve uniform resolution throughout the whole field of view, providing better out-of-focus region visibility.
New broadband linear transducer:
Improves contrast resolution by acquiring maximum tissue information, and allows lower and higher frequency coverage for superficial, deep vascular and tissue imaging.

Next level of diagnostic confidence
General Imaging
With DC-8 Exp, you now have the power to easily encompass a comprehensive range of clinical exams, including abdominal,OB/GYN, small parts, and etc., and to easily abtain extraordinary image quality even on difficult patients.
The new single crystal convex transducer truly enhances penetration without compromising resolution. Advanced imaging technology together with dedicated features will certainly maximize your diagnostic confidence.
UWN+ Contrast Imaging
Natural Touch Elastography
Based on Mindray’s latest patent technology, Natural Touch Elastography reduces dependence on user’s operation technique, improving operator’s reproducibility with higher stiffness sensitivity and better stability.
Minday’s new breakthrough in image processing. It is empowered by mQuadro platform, and its application is extended from phase array to linear array transducers, resulting in better contrast and homogeneity even for big size patients.
Professional analysis tools
TT QA permits advanced cardiac motion tracking analysis including strain, strain rate , leading to easy recognition of regional LV abnormalities.LVO( Left ventricular opacification) is another sophisticated tool to reveal structural and functional changes of left ventricle.
Automatic Recognition Transient Flow, Mindary’s exclusive Doppler technology for better display of hard- to-detect deep blood flow, giving more confidence for vascular disease diagnosis such as deep vein thrombosis, artery stenosis and occlusion.
Complete vascular solutions
Editable vascular mapping enables you to better understand varicose vein position, morphology and severity, providing quick and easy surgery planning. More dedicated tools, including Auto IMT, Power iScape, offer more diagnostic confidence with minimal effort.

A new experience of easy scanning

Intelligent auto optimization to achieve best imaging setting in one keystroke:
Smart Doppler: automatically optimizes color box positioning and sample volume placement, therefore significantly reduces repetitive operations and allows you to be more focused on the patient diagnosis.

Standard workflow protocol to improve exam consistency and efficiency:
iWorks provides complete protocols for abdomen, vascular and another 38 applications. It reduces up to 50% exam time and 80% keystrokes for daily scanning.

MedSight ™
DC-8 Exp lets you transfer clinical images and cines to your IOS smart device via an interactive App. It could be a convenient images sharing tool.
With Medsight you can now take the clinical examination with you wherever you needed.

Advanced auto measurement tools help you work smarter:
• Auto IMT and auto PW calculations enable efficient risk assessment of vascular studies.
• Auto LV:helps doctors automatically trace the endocardium to calculate left ventricular ejection fraction.