Amulet Innovality

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The result of Fujifilm’s ongoing “innovation” and commitment to providing top “quality” mammography services.

• Utilizes Fujifilm’s unique a-Se direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) to produce clear top quality images of 50μm resolution with a low X-ray dose
• Uses intelligent AEC (I-AEC) combined with a new image analysis technology to automatically optimize the X-ray dosage for each breast type
• AMULET Innovality is a highly advanced mammography system which offers an extremely fast image interval of just 15 seconds
• Unique 3D diagnostic workstation

Breast Tomosynthesis

The X-ray tube moves through an arc while acquiring a series of low-dose x-ray images. The images taken from different angles are reconstructed into a range of Tomosynthesis slices where the structure of interest is always in focus.
The Tomosynthesis function on AMULET Innovality is suitable for a wide range of uses, offering two modes to cater for various clinical scenarios. Standard (ST) mode combines rapid exposure timing and efficient workflow with a low X-ray dose while High Resolution (HR) mode makes it possible to produce images with an even higher level of detail, allowing the region of interest to be brought into clearer focus.

Intelligent AEC *AMULET Innovality only

Intelligent AEC has advantages in defining the optimal dose for an examination compared to conventional AEC systems where the sensor position is fixed. Through the analysis of information obtained from low-dose preshot images, Intelligent AEC makes it possible to consider the mammary gland density (breast type) when defining the x-ray energy and level of dose required.
Able to be used even in the presence of implants; intelligent AEC enables more accurate calculation of exposure parameters than is possible with conventional AEC systems. By allowing the use of automatic exposure for the implanted breast, Intelligent AEC can further enhance examination workflow.

• Stereotactic Biopsy Unit

The stereotactic biopsy unit allows accurate and reliable biopsy procedures to be performed using high resolution images. By attaching the optional lateral adapter the needle can be inserted not only vertically but also parallel to the exposure table.

FujiFilm CAD

(Computer-Aided Detection)
FujiFilm Digital Mammography CAD is a valuable detection support system. Using proprietary algorithms, this CAD system helps detect areas on the breast image that may indicate cancer with the readily distinguishable CAD marks.

Fit Sweet Paddle:

• Prioritizing patient comfort has resulted in a flexible compression paddle that gently fits to the breast.
• Three slits in the paddle edge and the tilting mechanism mitigate the pressure applied to a single area.
• FUJIFILM’ s unique paddle design allows the pressure to be more evenly dispersed across the breast compared to standard and conventional flexible paddles.

This design disperses the pressure normally concentrated on the thickest part of the breast , making i t possible to compress evenly along the natural curve of the breast with appropriate but not excessive force.